WELCOME 2 PSVITA プレイステーション
helloo!! my name is remy!(or lucas) i'm a 17yr old asian dude who loves to write essays on stuff i watch. i use he/him pronouns and am transbi.

i have had a longterm interest in reptile care & old-generation consoles. i particularly have a love for nintendo, especially the legend of zelda, pokemon, animal crossing & mother series.

outside of that, i'm also a big fan of jrpg, tamagotchi & rpg games.

currently a big fan of one piece which is probably the only thing i talk about other than my large interest in console collecting.

i also love film analysis & media analysis in general. my favorite show rn is brba and my favorite film is probably whiplash.

shonen anime also makes up a large part of my interests. all i really think about is one piece nowadays, unfortunately ᵔદᵔ

this blog exists for me to ramble & blog all my favorite things & keep a diary.. maybe other stuff too.

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